The prophecy of the Inca

Book, 80 cards, canvas playing field. Price: € 55,- plus shippingcosts. Mail to info@atelierambrosius.nl

‘Explore your unlimited powers. Make your wildest dreams come true.’

The Game of the New Golden Age is a game that is played for the fulfilment of wishes, for personal integration and for teambuilding.

This game is dedicated to the Q’ero, an indigenous tribe which received, as the first indigenous nation in Peru, the status of national heritage. The Q’ero call themselves the children of the sun. For over five hundred years they guarded the treasures which are revealed in this game. The prophecy of the Inca predicts that in the future, there will be a time when ‘head, heart and hands’ will work together. At that moment in time the veil of illusion that hides the true nature of the world will be lifted, and the secret of time revealed.

Far in the high mountains of the Andes lies Q’oylluriti, at an altitude of 15.700 feet. It can only be reached after a long pilgrimage on horseback or by foot, passing dangerous deep abysses and ravines and high peaks covered with snow.

A special game, which is dedicated to the divine female, is played on one of the mountain slopes that surround Q’oylluriti, and everyone is allowed to participate.

The game takes you straight into the world of magical reality. All the players are winners. There are no losers in this game, because everyone gains strength and awareness.

It can be played by each participant separately, or by a number of them that are working together in a team. The players don’t have to share the same background or outlook on life, and they can be from different age groups – the game is suited for children as well as adults.